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Axia Consultants: Environmental Policy


Axia Consulting Ltd (Axia) is committed to following environmental best practice, where practical and within the resources available, in all its activities and in the provision of its products and services.

To this end Axia will:

• Minimise waste and maximise the use of resources within the business.
• Continuously seek to improve its environmental performance.
• Comply with UK and EU environmental directives.
• Encourage employees to be proactive in undertaking environmental initiatives.
• Monitor and review the company’s environmental performance on a regular basis.

More specifically, as an Enterprise Software Consultancy, Axia is committed to:

• Reducing the use of paper.
• Minimising the use of plastics (cd’s, etc) within its products and encouraging customers to use downloadable or email versions.
• Minimising unnecessary printing.
• Recycling waste items such as toner/ink jet cartridges, paper and cardboard etc.
• Encouraging the use of public transport instead of using cars for business travel, or if acceptable, communicating by telephone/email etc rather than by face-to-face meetings.
• Reducing the use of electricity eg by ensuring unused equipment is turned off when not being used and identifying practices that reduce power consumption.
• Choosing energy-saving IT equipment (when replacing or purchasing new equipment) that has been manufactured in an environmentally sound way.
• Disposing of old hardware responsibly - ideally being reused/reconditioned or if not, being recycled.

This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure its continuing effectiveness.


Reviewed and updated: October 27, 2015


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