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Frequently Asked Questions About Tax Squeal Report Tax Fraud


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Why should I report an allegation of tax fraud?

Almost everyone is expected to pay taxes. However, there are individuals and businesses that cheat and pay less tax than they actually owe. Regardless of how you feel about paying taxes and how the government uses your money, tax fraud is illegal. Ultimately, tax cheats affect everyone and notifying the appropriate taxing authorities is the proper thing to do.

What is the purpose of TaxSqueal?

TaxSqueal facilitates the referral of allegations of tax fraud to the IRS or the appropriate taxing authorities.

Who utilizes TaxSqueal?

Individuals who desire to report an allegation of tax fraud anonymously utilize TaxSqueal, since they are reluctant to contact the IRS or appropriate taxing authorities themselves.  This includes former spouses, employees, consumers, neighbors, and concerned citizens.

Is TaxSqueal affiliated with any government agency?

No. TaxSqueal is NOT affiliated with any federal, state or local agency, department or entity.

How does TaxSqueal assist me?

TaxSqueal will refer your allegation of tax fraud to the IRS or appropriate taxing authority on your behalf. This should eliminate any fear of retribution, while protecting your reputation since your identity is NOT associated with the referral.

Why should I refer an allegation of tax fraud to TaxSqueal rather than the IRS or appropriate taxing authority?

TaxSqueal preserves your anonymity. There is no confusing government paperwork, bureaucratic questioning or further scrutiny by authorities.

How does TaxSqueal protect my identity?

TaxSqueal will not ask you to reveal your identity in order to utilize our tax fraud allegation services and we will utilize commercially reasonable means to purge any electronic identifiers  from our records.

Does TaxSqueal charge a fee for its services?

No. TaxSqueal tax fraud allegation submissions are FREE.  However, you may elect to have a printed notification mailed directly to the alleged tax cheat, alerting them that an anonymous allegation was submitted and processed by TaxSqueal.  There is a $3.00 charge for this optional service.  Notifications do not contain any specific details from the allegation submission.  You still remain anonymous.

Is the TaxSqueal referral process complicated?

No. It is straightforward and self-explanatory. Just follow the instructions on the Official TaxSqueal Allegation Form; when finished click ”Report It Now”.

How much information does TaxSqueal require?

Complete as many of the key details as possible on the Official TaxSqueal Allegation Form, without guessing.   Generally, the more specific the information provided, the greater the likelihood for further consideration by the IRS or appropriate taxing authority.

Does TaxSqueal offer a reward for tax fraud allegations submitted?

No.  TaxSqueal is not for individuals seeking a possible reward relating to allegations of tax fraud. In such instances contact the IRS or appropriate taxing authority for details regarding their informant claims program.

Will I be contacted by TaxSqueal?

No.  However, rest assured that your TaxSqueal submission will be handled appropriately and confidentially.

When should I expect to hear from TaxSqueal?

Once your Official TaxSqueal Allegation Form has been submitted, be prepared to hear nothing further.  Tax agencies commonly have strict disclosure rules that limit or preclude updates or progress reports relating to tax matters.


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