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Hamilton Marsden Shop Review: Tips for taking care of bespoke furniture


Most homeowners today prefer to extend the lifespan of their bespoke furniture and maintain its appearance and functionality to treasure them for many more years to come. Due to the climatic conditions of your home, wood is often prone to changes in movement and color because of its natural characteristics. Eric Earl Hamilton Marsden will provide specific tips on how to take care of bespoke furniture made from wood in the subsequent paragraphs. Following these simple tips prepared by the team will help you reduce the damaging effects of such changes to your bespoke furniture.

Avoid direct sunlight

Eric Earl Hamilton Marsden's review regarding this matter was discussed in their previous posts, but the team will elucidate again the importance of keeping away your furniture from direct sunlight. It is apparent that there are damaging effects to the furniture once it is exposed to direct sunlight for a long period of time such as cracking and expansion. Shrinkage can also happen to the furniture if the wood dries out because of heat. Strong sunlight can result to bleaching and crumbling of the finish applied to the furniture. The use of shades, blinds and shutters are recommended to control the effect of sunlight to your furniture.

Maintain proper humidity

To keep the wood in good condition, do not let it dry out because it needs a good amount of moisture since it is partly composed of water. If the climate is in average condition, keeping a small bowl of water or a plant in the same room is enough for your furniture. But if the weather is very dry, a humidifier is needed to maintain the proper humidity of your home.

Keep out on sources of heat

Placing your bespoke furniture near or front of radiators, open fires or any other source of heat is not advisable. Turning on or off the sources of heat can result in a change in temperature which can greatly affect the dimensional stability of the bespoke furniture. As previously stated, heat can dry out the furniture and it is not good for its condition.

Use coasters or mats

Don't place hot or cold drinks, plates and crockery directly on the wooden furniture. It’s better to use coasters or mats under such items because even a glass of water can cause damage to the furniture due to the moisture condensing from the air around and underneath the glass entering the surface and causing discoloration.

Put protective pads under fixed items

You should put protective cork or felt pads fitted underneath the items that you are using for decorating your home such as bowls, figurines, ornaments, and vases, which are sitting on the furniture for a long period of time. It's also wise to regularly move such items to prevent any discoloration on your bespoke furniture.

Clean regularly

You can remove marks on the bespoke furniture by using a lightly moistened cloth, and dry it with another cloth such as a soft microfiber cloth. Eric Earl Hamilton Marsden recommends dusting regularly to maintain the good condition of the furniture.

Quickly handle spillages

Use a clean and lightly moistened cloth to remove spillages of drinks or food on your furniture, and then dry the surface with a clean dry cloth. You must act quickly when there are spillages on your furniture because it will be impossible to completely remove them once they are left alone for a long period of time.

Silicone spray polishes are a no-no

After a certain period of time, aerosol spray polishes that contain silicone will just have a bad effect on the finish of bespoke furniture, so it's better not to use them on your furniture.

Don't use abrasive or chemical cleaners

Instead of using abrasive cleaners such as a cream cleaner, it's better to consult the maker of the furniture when your furniture needs careful attention because once those cleaners are applied to the furniture they will remove a thin layer of the material. You should not also use chemical cleaners such as stain removers and solvents on your bespoke furniture.

Control the temperature and humidity

Taking care of bespoke furniture is easy if you just keep the temperature and humidity of your home at relatively stable levels throughout the year.

In addition, Eric Earl Hamilton Marsden suggests following some tips on buying online to help you find quality bespoke furniture that will surely last for several years. It's simple to take care of bespoke furniture, simply follow those tips mentioned above and you will surely enjoy your furniture for many more years.


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